Well, I am sitting here wondering what to put in my first blog. You see, I am a bookseller not a blogger. But as of today, I guess I am both. 

I will try to make this interesting and relevant. But relevant to what? Relevant to what interests people, what people are reading, what people want to know? Hmmm.... thats alot of relevancy. But hey, I just used relevant as an adjective AND a noun. Thats kinda interesting. Anyway, I will start with the story of Bobbis Bookstore. Not particularly interesting but a good place to start.

I started this business in 2007 out of a love for books, and yes, wanting to change my work situation. You see I never started out being a literature major or rare book curator etc. But I always loved books. As I was building my own library I would see books that I did not necessarily want for myself but I would think "someone out there is looking for this book" and I would feel like the book was looking for the right home. I know, inanimate objects being conveyed the ability to have desire..... just wrong on so many levels, but I am putting it out there anyway. 

Sooo.... with that thought, I had a building built and delivered to my back yard (which yes is large enough for such an endeavor and no, did not block my neighbors view of what is otherwise acres of ongoing woodland). Although, woodland imparts a picture of where Bambi lives and our "woodland" is more a tangled thicket of vines and trees each vying for space and competing for rays of sunshine. But I stray. Back to the bookstore. Once delivered we insultated, drywalled, and carpeted the interior. Next, we lined the walls with bookshelves and I guess the rest is history, although we have shelves for every genre. 

I now have thousands of books and sell across several websites. If you are looking for a book, I may have it or may be able to fine it. So far, I only have a fraction of the books listed on the website. 

So, welcome to Bobbis Bookstore and stay tuned. I will try to focus future posts on books only and leave out some of the more odd details of how they came to me, what conversations we had, and how they are doing. 

Oh, and I do not have an editor and only did marginally well in high school english. So please excuse grammatical errors and puncuation mishaps. Thank you for your understanding. 

Goodbye for now and I think tomorrow I will write about the impact of H.G. Wells on science fiction. I am currently enamoured with a dust jacket on his Science Fiction Collectors Edition book.  Ta Ta for now